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Tiny Home in Italy

"Off the grid tiny house near Florence, Italy made mostly from discarded pallets. Photos by Rick Magley." http://tinyhouseswoon.com/


mastrclndr said...

My next project. Getting off the grid. It really is surprising how much good reusable lumber there is out there

Anonymous said...

I recently created about 50 lf of picket fencing to corral my vegetable garden and keep the dog out. I live in the burbs in So Cal, yet it surprisingly added a lot of charm to the back yard, imo anyway. I can use it to trellis beans, berries, cucumbers . . even tomatoes.
Imagine 50 feet of fencing and only a few bucks for a couple of hinges and some other needed hardware.
Next project is a potting table . . If I had more room, I'd be building a potting shed instead

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of an old Bill Mauldin cartoon drawing from WWII. A guy was building tunnels with artillery casings discarded from an active howitzer. His buddy yells to the gunnery crew, "Hey, fire a couple more for effect. He says he's building a stovepipe."

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